Special Interests

Dr. Green's Keynotes on Improving Memory for Realtors, HR Personel, and for Memory Challenged Adults and Caregivers are popular for a variety of audiences. Book Dr. Green for your next event today.

Other Special Interest Topics

Why Can’t Realtors Remember? Memory Fitness Just for the Real Estate Professional

Making it in the real estate business demands excellent recall skills. Is your memory really up to the task? Learn why better memory fitness habits are an essential professional tool for any broker looking to stay competitive in today’s market. Dr. Green outlines why memory matters to realtors and what simple steps we can all take to rev up our recall. Topics covered include:

  • How memory works – And why it sometimes doesn’t
  • The number one reason why we all forget
  • Simple strategies realtors can use to immediately boost their brain power for facts, figures and – most importantly! – names.

Keynote and Half-Day Format

What HR Should Know About Brain Health: The Science and Practical Applications of Brain Fitness in the Workplace

Helping employees stay sharp and productive at work is a key concern to HR, especially as workers over 50 become a significant part of the corporate landscape.  The growing field of brain health offers a tremendous amount of scientifically grounded, easily actionable information that can be shared at the work place to help employees of all ages better maintain intellectual performance on the job. This presentation covers:

  • Why brain health matters to employee productivity and well-being
  • Great advice on putting a memory and brain health program into action at work
  • Simple strategies for improving memory performance and long-term brain wellness

Keynote and Half-Day Format

Through the Seasons: An Activities Program for Memory Challenged Adults and Caregivers

Cognitive stimulation has been found to be of real benefit for people with Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment or other memory disorders. “Through the Seasons” is a unique multi-sensory activities program designed by experts in the field that offers family members and professional caregivers a program for engaging memory challenged adults in simple, enjoyable activities that provide stimulation and a chance to connect.  Participants will learn:

  • What the science shows about cognitive stimulation as well as other lifestyle interventions in memory loss
  • What the “Through the Seasons” program offers and how to use it
  • Special instructions for introducing and using the activities in a safe and meaningful way

Keynote and Half-Day Format