Dr. Cynthia Green is a contributor on NPR's Talk of the Nation, The People's Pharmacy and more, where she can be heard speaking about easy strategies for improving memory. 

Listen to Dr. Green in the Media

Dr. Green can be heard on NPR's Talk of the Nation, The People's Pharmacy and Anytime Health Radio.

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As we get older memory slips seem to become more common. Forgetting someone's name is embarrassing, and it fuels our concern about whether our minds are weakening as we grow older. But there are strategies to employ to reduce the likelihood of cognitive decline. We discuss foods, exercises and games that can help us keep our brains healthy as we age. Find out why Steve Martin is the poster guy for brain health.

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Dr. Green recently spoke with Marty Flanagan of Anytime Health Radio about some simple steps we can all take to boost our memory health. 


Dr. Green speaks with radio talk show
host Charlie Brennan on Your Best Brain Ever.