Memory Strategies

Dr. Cynthia Green's Keynote Presentations on how to remember names, improving recall and getting organized are popular for corporate and healthcare organizations, alike. Book Dr. Green for your next event today

Memory Strategies

Remember the People You Meet: Sure-fire Strategies For Learning Names

Tired of drawing a blank on names over and over again? Forgetting names is the number one memory complaint of adults worldwide. Yet effective name recall can be critical to our success at work and at play. Happily all of us, no matter how young, can easily learn simple strategies guaranteed to help us never drop names again. This presentation, popular with audiences of all ages, covers:   

  • Why names are so hard to remember
  • General tips to rev up your recall for names
  • Six easy yet sure-fire strategies proven to boost name recall

Keynote or Half-Day Format

Remember What Your Read, See and Hear: Time-Tested Techniques for Revving Up Recall for Stories, Movies and Conversations

Frustrated by forgetting things you read in the newspaper or for work, see on TV or hear in conversation? This presentation teaches simple yet incredibly effective strategies guaranteed to boost retention for information that we read, see or hear. Audiences learn:

  • The unique challenges of remembering information we read, see or hear
  • 7 easy but invaluable ways to learn a list of items, directions, talking points, etc.
  • Dr. Green’s sure-fire SING strategy for recalling things such as conversations, written materials, or TV shows

Keynote and Half-Day Format

Get Organized! Why Managing Your Life Matters to Your Memory and What You Can Do About It

It is difficult for you to accomplish all you need to do in a day? Could you keep better track of what you need to do and get more done if you were better organized? “Get Organized!” gives audience members solid, practical advice about organization and time management, including:

  • Why organized people remember better, and what we can learn from them
  • The most important ways we can organize for memory effectiveness
  • How to boost personal organizational skills to make the most of one’s time

Keynote and Half-Day Format

Train Your Brain: Simple Strategies for Getting All You Want to Remember

Having a no-fail strategy to learn and retain things we want to remember is key to memory effectiveness. This interactive presentation teaches audience members how to use several simple yet proven techniques to boost our recall for all kinds of information, such as passwords, account numbers and names. “Train Your Brain” covers:

  • Why the ancient Greeks and Romans used memory strategies, and what we can learn from them
  • Why memory strategies are key to improving performance at work and home
  • 8 powerful yet highly effective strategies we can use to rev up our recall for anything we must remember

Keynote or Half-Day Format